Nature is the primary focus of my work--sometimes the awesome forces of nature. I see the environment as forms occupying space. My abstract shapes draw their strength from the firm
basis in the natural forms of the landscapes. The artist has the privilege to translate nature's
forms into various moods which will affect the inner and spiritual emotions of the viewer.

I have two approaches to drawing the viewers into my painting so they can process their own interpretations about the images. Sometimes I use very large canvases and bold colors.
The largeness is to envelop and surround the viewer. I often string together multiple canvases
or use odd shaped canvases to accomplish this. The bold colors are to translate the energy
of the image. My abstract landscapes, for example, are not well defined and do not necessarily
use faithful colors so the viewer is not able to just glance at it like one might give a cursory look
at a realistic depiction or a photograph and immediately register that it is a landscape. My goal
is to evoke an emotion or a thought which transcends the image. More recently, my approach
has been to engage the viewer in my highly abstract images by inserting thin but intense lines
in order to direct the eye all over the painting thereby getting the brain to conjure up some
meaning for the viewer. For the same effect, I sometimes insert a crowd of tiny faces or recognizable objects into an amorphous image so that the incongruous aspect provokes
some thought or feeling.

Black and white lino prints are a more recent creative expression for me. I found the mystique
of trees of profound interest. The involvement of the linoleum block, the black ink and the
virgin paper is very uplifting. The fascinating shapes of trees are a fertile source for my
imagination. The results are powerful, dramatic images.

Ms. Howling holds a Bachelors degree B.A. from Douglass College, Rutgers University and
a Masters degree M.S. in Interior Design from University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
Her numerous solo shows include ones held in Munich and Berlin, Germany. Her works
graces many private collections in the U.S. and abroad, such as in Uruguay. the Philippines,
and Lebanon.

Frieda's artwork is displayed in such varied corporate settings as General Electric world headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut, Johnson & Johnson world headquarters in New
Brunswick, New Jersey and the Law Office of R. Juergen Killius in Munich, Germany.
Public collections include the Art Lending Library in Fairfield, Connecticut; the Wayne
Public Library in Wayne, New Jersey; and the City Hall of Grafelfing, Munich, Germany.

Frieda is a member of the Arts Council of Milford and Greater New Haven, Connecticut.
She creates her artworks in her home/studio in Connecticut. 



Frieda Howling lived and taught in Lebanon for eleven years and is the author of ART IN
LEBANON: The Development of Contemplative Art in Lebanon, 1930-1976
, published
by Lebanon-American University Press (LAU).

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Private Collections
In USA and Abroad

Public Collections

The Art Lending Library, Town of Fairfield, CT
Wayne Public Library, Wayne, NJ
The City Hall of Grafelfing, Munich, West Germany

Corporate Collections
General Electric, World Headquarters, Fairfield, CT
Johnson & Johnson, World Headquarters, New Brunswick, NJ
Law Office, R. Juergen Killius, Munich, West Germany

Awards and Honors

1994 Second Place Award, Members Show, Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Dunedin, FL
1993 Merit Award, Members Show, Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Dunedin, FL
1973 Festival '73 Members Award, Milford Fine Arts Council
1970 New Group Award for best in show


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Published Articles and Books

bullet Frieda Howling The Development of Contemporary Art in Lebanon: 1930-1975,
published in Beirut, Lebanon, 2005
(To order the book, call The Lebanese American University, New York Office:
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Douglas College, Rutger's University, B.F.A.
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, M.S. Interior Design
Southern Connecticut State College, Certificate for teaching Art in CT
Attended Art Critique program, Academie of Art under Professor Damen, Munich,
West Germany

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